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Last updating : The 7 February 2008 : End of the road book : Ohonganamanyawa, the nomads of the forest

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The extraordinary adventures of a common family



        Because travelling is a way open to emotion and sensory. Because the  discovery  of somewhere else  took an important place in our family. Because we think that the  beautiful is beautiful only if it's shared.

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          From three years of Morgann we could not content ourselves any more with walks in the scrubland and to fall asleep by dreaming about the quiet shades and the apolliniens landscapes that the world could offer us.
Needed to leave. Then we left. Bags in backs.
In the Carribbean islands (Aruba, Guadeloupe, Curaçao, Grenada and Margarita in Venezuela), in the western South of the Thailand (islands of the sea of Andaman), in the Maldiven Islands (atoll of Ari and Lhyaviani), in peninsular Malaysia (coast IS), in Bornéo (state of Sabah), in Kalimantan (coast IS) and then a handset / Moluques (Halmahera) in Indonesia last summer.
You will understand while for us four term travels rhyme not only with vacation.
We travel with our children to learn them to open eyes, to get enthusiastic of small happiness; to live, to become aware of their chance while respecting difference.
The world is the world only if it is  world. The world is the world only if it is plural.
Difference. Wealth. Simplicity. Wonder. Impressions Vagabondes a memory of trips is. For us, for our children, for you but first of all a consideration for all persons who accepted us, helped, liked.
Benevolence, smiles, humanity, generosity. How to forget.
Welcome on Impressions Vagabondes.
   Morgann, Loïck, Isabelle and Yann.

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