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Qui sommes nous ? une maman, un papa, un garçon et une fille



My name is Morgann Kolen and I was born on May 3rd, 1997 in Marseille. But I am Breton. I like the journeys and when I would be big I would like to be a make-up woman of stars in Malaysia or tourist. What I prefer it is my family, after the journeys and after the friends.  
    I live in Marseille but I dream only about the holidays. One month in a country by visiting villages and at the end we return to Brittany to see all our family.

The cousins, the cousins, my grandma, my grandpa.

I him(it) travel that I preferred it is Derawan in Indonesia. People there low calls you to see the babies tortoises being born; after noon we go on an island with the boat, we fish for barracudas and for tunas, we swim with the big manta rays during two hours. Later when we return we wash ourselves in the big basin, the mandi, and later I play with Jessica and all other children of the island...

I wish you all the happiness of the world.




My name isLoïck Gurvan and I was born the daytime from the holiday(feast) of the music: June 21st, 1994 in Marseille.

My passions it is the sport ( rugby) and the trips. I like discovering new countries every year. All pleased me but the one that I prefer is the one where we were in Kalimantan. There low people do not hesitate to help you. If they had not made him(it) for Derawan for example, we would have can be able to discover all these places.

Enjoy the next trip !!




Well, er I it is Isabelle; I was born on May 15th, 1972 in BREST. Islands and I it is a long story, a passion indeed beyond the holidays. Indeed, I lived more than six years on the island of OUESSANT off the finistère. The ocean I saw it, I feel it in me.

Yann FELL!! And do not insist...

Before leaving I want to know nothing about the journey which waits for you, I leave with Yann the estate management, the readings and the practical galleys and bad adventures that the preparation of a journey generates and then that pleases him, then I am not going to deprive him of it. My only condition: it is necessary the sea, some islands. The treks of week or ten days in jungle it is not my thing and then you should not forget that it is also the holidays and I I have it little, not as certain bald. I take my five weeks the summer to travel, and the rest of the year I work, I work and I work even any one sowed.


Deserve, please, my islands not?




Here is my tour if I indeed understand... 
Pure hundred percent butters (and yes I am Breton) I was born on March 7th, 1972 in BREST.

 Educator weekly, I show the example. In journey I make a little the opposite. I eat with fingers, wash myself not every day (by impossibility I clarify) and eat everything. What is worth to me the family palm of the most beautiful turista. 

The journey is not a foreign emotion in my youth. Fortunate, my parentsmade us discover to my brother, my sister and me Europe. In 205, SIC!! And of BREST, Italy consider I, it is the end of the world. But nothing stopped these soixantuitards! Our relatives parents. 
A trailer in the train, the galleries on the car, squeezed all three as sausages on the back footpath of Peugeot; we discovered Slovenia, Portugal, England, Italy, Spain and our beautiful hexagon. 

My passion of somewhere else partially has to explain here. 
Today grandfather and grandmother, wiser, they watch us leaving every year. In the same way as their parents in the time. Worried. 
And we shall also be him when we shall see our children making also. 
Because of travelers are born the other travelers.